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Ground Truth Studies Teacher Handbook

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Type: Publication

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Ministry of Education recommended learning resource

Grade Level: K-12

Target Audience: K-12 Geography and Science Teachers, Community Environmental Educators, Naturalists, Guides, Park Rangers, Youth Educators

Ground Truth Studies is an interdisciplinary program that aims to link local environmental conditions with critical global change issues such as the greenhouse effect and loss of biodiversity, with the aid of satellite and aerial imagery. These forms of remote sensing need to be verified by going out into the image area and making direct observations and measurements, known as “ground truthing”.

The Ground Truth Studies Teacher Handbook, written by the Aspen Global Change Institute, shows K-12 science and geography teachers and non-formal educators how important it can be to use a bigger picture to look for trends and seek solutions. The handbook provides 29 activities grouped by age level, as well as satellite images, primers on remote sensing and global change, global temperature data and more. The variety of activities address data, mapping, and image interpretation skills, decision-making, and investigations of local environments.