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Wild Sheep of North America

Grade Level: K-12

Cost of Publication Only:

$25.00 CAD

Wild sheep are one of the hardiest mammals in North America, living in habitats with extreme temperatures from -50°C in the north to 50°C in the south. In British Columbia, Bighorn and Thinhorn species of wild sheep make their homes in our mountains and inspire images that define wilderness.

The Wild Sheep of North America educator’s activity guide teaches about an animal that moves with the seasons in its quest to find suitable food, shelter and protection from predators in its habitat. The guide contains background information about wild sheep adaptations, history, identification, conservation and cultural relevance. Activities, puzzles, background reading and a detailed reference section provide the tools to create a structured unit on wild sheep or integrate facts and activities into existing curriculum on wildlife ecology.

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The Wild Sheep of North America workshop will inspire you about one of BC’s symbols of wilderness. Workshops offer teachers and community educators the opportunity to try activities, share adaptations, and gain a broad range of background knowledge about Canada’s wild sheep. Participating in a workshop can help educators encourage others to appreciate and conserve this species as well as understand the causes of population decline, wild sheep ecology and behavior, and current situations in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and NWT.