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Project Caribou

Grade Level: K-12

Cost of Workshop: See the 2011 Workshop Rates [39 KB - PDF] for more information. Includes Activity Guide

Length of Workshop: min 3.5 hours

Cost of Publication Only:
$22.00 CAD

The Project Caribou Educator’s Guide provides fantastic background information and 17 activities on caribou biology, ecosystem interactions, and management and protection issues, as well as case studies and useful appendixes.

Using the activity guide you will be able to develop an appreciation of this Canadian endangered species in your learners, as well as the knowledge of what they can do to help. Written by biologists, educators and resource managers who work with caribou regularly, the guide is useful, relevant and full of interesting facts and stories.  The guide is supported by an updated website offering current caribou case studies and new activities.

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Attending a Project Caribou workshop will give educators the opportunity to learn more about the unique species Rangifer tarandus and the six sub-species living throughout North America. Many biologists consider caribou populations as reflectors of the health of the ecosystems in which they live. If caribou thrive, the ecosystem is stable, if populations are declining, then we should be looking for changes in the environment or in our interactions with the species there. During the workshop participants will learn more interesting caribou facts and additional BC conservation information, as well as have the opportunity to try some of the 17 activities in the Guide and learn how they can fit into your curriculum or community program.