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Garry Oak Ecosystems of British Columbia


Grade Level: K-12

Cost of Workshop: See the 2011 Workshop Rates [39 KB - PDF] for more information.

Length of Workshop: min 3.5 hours

Cost of Publication Only:

$25.00 CAD

Garry oak ecosystems are rare and distinct; they are found only in southeastern BC. They are, however, complex and dynamic systems that support many life forms, humans among them. Garry Oak Ecosystems of British Columbia is a new resource that aims to educate and inspire the public on the values of Garry oak ecosystems as well as promote awareness, stewardship and restoration activities.

Teachers and community leaders will find themes and activities covering plant and animal identification, habitat needs, seasonal changes, journal writing, mapping, First Nations legends, drama, and conservation techniques.

The Garry Oak Ecosystem Education Workshop will help you appreciate the physical and cultural values of these special habitats by providing a sampling of activities from the education kit that will empower learners to conserve, restore and celebrate the Garry oak ecosystem.

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