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Below Zero

Grade Level: K-12

Cost of Workshop: See the 2011 Workshop Rates [39 KB - PDF] for more information.

Length of Workshop: min 3.5 hours

Workshop booking info: Workshops

Publication Cost: This publication is only available through a workshop or through the Science in Action program

Designed for educators who want to awaken their learners to an appreciation of the uniqueness of the winter season, plant and wildlife adaptations, habitat and ecological principles, and responsible human actions, this guide offers 46 activities appropriate for K-12, youth and adult learners.

The Below Zero workshop will take you outside for a close look at how life survives the Canadian winter in your area. Participants will learn about adaptations of local plant and wildlife species, as well as winter ecology and responsible human actions, through the fun, interactive activities in the Below Zero Activity Guide.

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Below Zero Activity Sheets

  • Follow The Leader: French [42KB - PDF]
  • Great Escape Food Station Signs: English [582KB - PDF] | French [83KB - PDF]
  • Snakes and Ladders Name Cards: English [971KB - PDF] | French [971KB - PDF]
  • Snow Tours Student Sheet: English [58KB - PDF]
  • Winter Buddies Name Cards: English [1.0MB - PDF] | French [151KB - PDF]
  • Winter Survival Signs: English [442KB - PDF] | French [50KB - PDF]
  • WinterWise Student Sheet: English [437KB - PDF] | French [46KB - PDF]

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