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Backyard Biodiversity & Beyond

Grade Level: K-7

Cost of Workshop: See the 2011 Workshop Rates [39 KB - PDF] for more information.

Workshop booking information: Workshops

Length of Workshop: min 3.5 hours

Cost of Publication Only:

English – $25.00 CAD

French – $25.00 CAD

Ministry of Education recommended learning resource

What better way to study nature and local ecology than by getting outside and taking a look for ourselves? Backyard Biodiversity & Beyond, A Handbook for Students and Teachers, helps learners of all ages discover the life that exists around them and investigate some of the threats and solutions to our ecosystems and their resident plant and wildlife.

Five modules and a community action toolkit cover topics such as endangered species; global thinking/local action; wildlife; ecology; and exploring biodiversity through poetry, art, family, and First Nations.

During the workshop,  participants will get outside to investigate biodiversity for themselves. Formal and nonformal educators will try out relevant, interesting, and discovery-based activities and adaptations that will give them a good base for teaching biodiversity.