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Naturescape British Columbia: Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home

Cost of Workshop: Please refer to the 2011 Workshop Rates [39 KB - PDF] for more information.

Length of Workshop: min 3.5 hours

Publication Cost: $25/kit (includes 3 booklets:  a Provincial Guide, a Native Plant & Animal Booklet and a Resource Guide

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Naturescape Kits

Georgia Basin – $25.00 CAD

Southern Interior Mountains – $25.00 CAD

Southern Interior – $25.00 CAD

Central Interior – $25.00 CAD

North – $25.00 CAD

Coast and Mountains – $25.00 CAD

* Each booklet in the kit is also available at an individual cost of $10.  Please contact WildBC for specific requests.

The Naturescape British Columbia program is about restoring, preserving, and enhancing wildlife habitat in our urban and rural landscapes throughout the province.   WildBC supports this restoration work through publishing resource guides and providing workshops that help people to implement naturescaping principles where they live.

Naturescape workshops invite you to dig your hands into the earth and learn how to plan and plant a native plant garden. Naturescape workshops provide opportunities for participants to learn local plant and wildlife species and their interconnections, how to support them, and the values needed for them to thrive. Xeriscape gardening, building a bat box, wildlife trees, removal of non-native plants, composting, and gardening planning are all topics that may grow on your agenda.

If you are already Naturescaping, please share your experiences with us:

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